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Data Center Services

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Recalling the Best Data Center Services

If you are looking for a data center company that can help you with a solution to safely store and manage your company's business data then SoftAge is the way to go for. We are equipped with hi-tech and up-to-date data centers that are continuously monitored to ensure astounding security for your data. We have multiple options available for our clients that may start from dedicated servers to colocation servers, we offer every client a custom space for its necessities.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is a kind of internet hosting service in which the users are offered a dedicated server for their business rather than using the shared servers.

Colocation Services

Colocation services are a kind of data center solution that involves availability of warehousing space, infrastructure, components, servers, security measures for rental purpose rather than acquiring a full-fledged data center space.

Connectivity Services

Connectivity services depend upon optical fiber connections, bandwidth availability for the huge volumes. This data center service is majorly accommodated by enterprise firms that like to have hassle-free connectivity between their servers and clients.

Shared Servers

We also offer shared servers services as contrary to dedicated servers. So, you have a full range of selecting an appropriate option which ever fits your business. Whether you want to go for dedicated server or shared server, calculate as per your needs.

Our Capabilities

We generate extraordinary results for our clients; we initiate our services with the help of our experienced and dedicated staff. We channelize our efforts consistently to offer our clients the best data center solutions for remarkable customer experiences. Have a look at our capabilities

data center infrastructure


  • No of Physical Servers - 9
  • Storage Capacity - 1000TB+
  • Tape Backup Server
  • SAN Server
Scalable Systems

Scalable Systems

  • Load balanced server
  • Connectivity through tier-1 ISPs
  • High availability deployments
  • Rapid switching to failovers in case of issues
  • Data synchronization between nodes using dedicated connectivity
In-house Monitoring

In-house Monitoring

  • Infrastructure monitoring of hardware, storage, connectivity
  • System monitoring covering performance, OS, databases
  • Physical location monitoring with CCTV Surveillance
Disaster Proofing

Disaster Proofing

  • Identical replicas for total switchover
  • Fully redundant connectivity
  • Eliminated dependence on individual links

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Hassle-free Data Center Solutions

  • Private Suites

    Private Suites are among the most used services of data center companies. It is a highly secure and budget-oriented model. It is generally accommodated by the clients that are looking for flexibility in the nature of work for data storage. The suite of servers can be hired by a firm for better analysis and security of its essential business data.

  • Server Colocation

    Server colocation is sometimes mixed up with Data center colocation, but this process has a bit differentiating line in between. Colocation rack or server colocation is a service by data center companies that provide rent out space within a data center. This model is used widely as it is a budget-friendly model and does not require to rent our whole space and infrastructure services, in short, we can consider this as a custom plan for accommodating data center services.

  • Secure Caged Cabinets

    Secure caged cabinets as the name suggests are majorly concerned with high-end security of the servers of an organization. Cabinets for server colocation are surrounded by infrastructure that enables top-notch security for clients of data center companies in India. Majorly cabinets are covered with stainless steel cages and locked properly restricting any unauthorized access to the cabinets.

  • Custom Data Center Services

    It is clear from the name itself custom data center services mean colocation and connectivity services based on the necessities of the user. This data center service is generally used by top-notch industries that need data center solutions applicable to their products and services.

Our Features

Have a look at the striking features of our data centers services that fascinated our clients with the best customer experience.

Primary Data Center

Primary Data Center in Seismic Zone

Data Center Built

1500sq Feet Area Data Center Built

Fibre Channel

Fibre Channel Switches SFP Modules

Backup Software

Symantec Exec Backup Software


Enterprise Antivirus

UPS Power

Dual UPS Power Supply


Temperature Monitoring and Alert System


Physical Security Fire Safety & CCTV Security





Telecom industry is the most prominent producer of data these days. Telecom industry needs to save and store every data confidential of its users. Every person is a part of this industry directly or indirectly. Hundreds of sim cards are issued every day in every part of country creating a huge affinity of data center services this sect.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Softage is a well renowned data center company in field of banking and finance. Name of Softage is quite famous as we have worked with well-known banks of different verticals including storage, document shredding etc.



Government firms are bombarded with the data they face every day. Most of the government agencies have their own dedicated servers to maintain its privacy. Generally, they do not go for colocation services or shared servers as they have to maintain their confidential data secrecy at any cost.



Healthcare industry is one among the mass data producer these days. With all the treatments gone online, data needs to be maintained effectively, that’s where data center companies come in play. From online appointment booking, to patients’ data and doctors’ prescriptions, everything is online and needs a proper maintenance.



Last but not the least, eCommerce industry is the key player in data production. As their daily bread and butter is online, they cannot even sustain in this competitive world without having proper servers and colocation services.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Real estate industry is shaking their hands these days with data center companies to hold back to their data backup. Real estate industry has a great affinity to store and manage data especially those websites that are running online platforms for buying, selling property, auctions and other activities essential for their business.



This industry is on boom these days. Everyone is searching online for stuff that can help them to relax in today's busy and scheduled life. From songs to movies, everything is online and accessible to billions of users. So, online entertainment industry has a high demand to store their data so that it can be accessed by their users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data centers are basically warehouses that safeguard your business model by hosting up your servers at a place safely. In layman's terms, a data center is a facility that is used by companies to store their important applications, api, and data on servers. Data center is designed in such a way that it incorporates a network hub of automation computing and storage resources that enables the retrieval of accurate data.
In this digital world, wherever data is concerned there will be a requirement of data centers. Data centers are expanding their wings across every sector including private as well as government organizations. Obviously, with an increasing number of data produced every minute, the need for data centers is increasing. We can also say that if any business needs to make use of its data in these digital days, then data center is an essential necessity for it.

As we know times have changed drastically, the demand for data is on the peak. Data centers are becoming a top priority in the IT industry these days. Data centers have set a benchmark of necessity across businesses of every vertical as a top-most priority. A strong data center is considered as the backbone for business whereas a weak or shut down of data center can ruin a whole set up of any business in this digital world. Some basic benefits of Data centers may be considered as follows-

  • Easier to implement applications in near-real-time for your business. Easy availability helps to deploy the applications in much less time
  • Cope with up any kind of mishappening like disasters or natural calamities easily. Data centers are built with infrastructure incorporated with disaster management guidelines. So, it this case data is comparatively safe as compared to other storing methods.
  • Back up for your precious business data. Data centers are also used by great IT firms as the most essential back up plan to secure their business data. Any natural or human-made calamity like viruses etc, can hamper your business at any time. Having a proper backup for your business is the thing that can help your recovery quite easily.

Certainly, there are different types of data centers and they are chosen on the basis of requirements of the company. For example, an IT giant producing mountains of data and look for a larger and more secure data center as compared to mid-level firms. Data centers are divided on the basis of their availability, size, infrastructure, components used for it. Here have a look at some basic classification of data centers-

Cloud Storage Data Center
The cloud storage term does not need any introduction in this digital world. Everyone is well aware of the terms related to cloud storage. They are basically data centers that are available on off-premises and can be accessed easily anytime anywhere. Some well-renowned data center companies offering cloud hosting services are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and IBM Cloud.
Enterprise Data Center
As the name suggests, enterprise data centers are owned, established either managed by top-notch companies or we can say enterprise firms. Generally, it is seen that enterprise data centers are incorporated inside the private compounds of the organizations itself.
Managed Services Data Centers
These are data centers that are managed by some other third party companies or we can simply say Data center service providers. They have set up of infrastructure and other components and offer their services to the required firms. It is a smart choice as it is quite a cost-effective model unless and until you yourself are a can manage data center services with a dedicated team.
Colocation Data Centers
Colocation data centers are based on sharing business models. In this, companies rent a space within a data center with provided facilities. Colocation data center companies offer their data center services to their client companies as data center service providers on a sharing basis. The colocation data center offers components, sometimes data retrieval processes, and well-equipped infrastructure like server space, security, monitoring, cooling systems, backups, firewalls, etc.