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Creating A Unique Identity For Every Resident In India


Our Contribution for Digital India

Our values were aligned with the government's dream of a digital India. We created an unique digital identity for the citizens of India which was later used for avail utility services.

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The Client

The Government of India had embarked upon an ambitious initiative to provide a Unique Identification number (UID) to every resident of India and has constituted the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), established in February 2009. The UID has been envisioned as a means for residents to easily and effectively establish their identity, to any agency, anywhere in the country, without having to repeatedly produce identity documentation. The UIDAI project is one of the largest projects in terms of sheer volumes of data, its reach and geographical diversity.



Mapping the identities of billion-plus people is immense challenge. The challenges the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) faced were unique.

Technological Challenges:

Storing 10 fingerprints requires around 5 megabytes (MB) of space. Storing that information for billion-plus persons will require 5 billion MB of memory space. While that may no longer be an unimaginable number, given our IT prowess, maintaining and running such a database has its own challenges.

Data Privacy Concern:

Since, we were handling millions of privacy sensitive information, our staff had to be trained on Information Security. Our center followed the ISO 27001 protocols.

Then, there is the question of using the system. It has been estimated that at its peak, the UIDAI system will require comparing one million identity verification requests against a database of, say, 600 million identities. That will require a brute and gargantuan computing capability. The next big challenge is around security and privacy of the central repository where the complete


Getting Started

The widespread implementation of the UID project needs the reach and flexibility to enroll residents across the country. To achieve this, the UIDAI proposes to partner with a variety of agencies and service providers to enroll residents for UID. By participating as Enrolment agency - SoftAge has become part of a historic exercise, one which can make our welfare systems far more accessible and inclusive of the poor, and permanently transform service delivery in India.

SoftAge was responsible for carrying out the various functions and activities related to UID enrolment such as setting up of Permanent enrolment centers, Aadhaar enrolment, uploading data on CIDR, printing Aadhaar cards, undertaking collection of demographic and biometric data for UID enrollment and any other data required by the Registrar for the effective implementation of their projects.

SoftAge was covering enrolment for Haryana region and Bihar.


The onset of project was made with getting a complete understanding of the project idea and the users' demographics. The onset of project was made with getting a complete understanding of the project idea and the users' demographics

1 Million+

IDs created

20 mins