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Making Sonipat

Digitization of DC office, Sonipat

Digitization of DC office

Modifying Authentic Government Records from Physical Files to Digital Files

With the time passing physical documents tend to get fade away, spoiled, and mutilated over a period of time. With Digital India picking up the momentum, the digitization of documents in the Government departments like land records, court records became critical for quick and easy access of the information. M/d. SoftAge Information Technology Limited, a pioneer in the field of Digitization was engaged to set the General record room (GR) into modernization of the same. While the documents were managed well in a rudimentary way but with lots of challenges.

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DC Office Sonipat

The Client

District is a prime unit of field administration, which is in existence from ages. District administration Sonipat is categorized into various departments who undertake the proceedings as role assigned. First the Collector for revenue administration), the District Magistrate for criminal justice administration work and finally the Deputy Commissioner who supervises General Administration and specific functions and possess powers to control operations under local tenancy laws.



Document wear and tear was obvious as property documents dated 1857. It was necessary to retrieve legal agricultural documents (Khasra) and fetch records from Jamabandi Registers for court hearings. The challenge in the Sonipat Digitization project was to convert the antiqued Parat-Patwar documents into a readable format to be presented in the court hearings. Land disputes in court kept on delayed for months, hearing in court one after the other and authorities could not identify a robust way to resolve the conflict and access files timely.

Layers of dust got deposited on piles of documents so there were more spider webs and termites leading to a frown experience for anybody searching for a file.

Torn pieces of papers, sides of documents almost ruined partly and needed to be patched together.

Old Jamabandi Registers often left entertained for decades, bundled and stored in really bad storage space.

Seepage and ink distorted, unable to read records properly, so there was no feasible way to validate owner's identity.

Hearings of court delayed , land disputes kept complicated in the absence of relevant documents, either misplaced or not found at the right time.

Patwaris, Revenue officials were unable to retrieve Parat-Patwar, as expected.


Getting Started

Pre-scan activity is mandate to unbind the paper files attached in large bundles, remove any staples from bundles so that scanning could be done properly without missing any details on the top, bottom or sides of the paper. This was followed by sequencing the documents so that they are well sorted and easily identifiable.

Scanning is a mechanism to transform paper file into digital format, easily accessible and retrieval online within a click of a button. A specialized scanner was deployed to perform scanning of different paper sizes (A4-A0). Softage Information technology Ltd designed a customized Document management Software - ScanE to perform scanning efficient scanning of legal records.

Indexing is a process that calls for specialized experts who could sort the papers careful, align in a systematic manner for later retrieval. Once our highly experienced team of scanners worked on obsolete data files, each of them were indexed and uploaded on e-Application Sonipat (a software developed by NIC) so that they became identifiable for faster retrieval at any point of time.

Warehouse facility is a must to preserve original documents in a place that is seepage-proof, free from environment catastrophes rodents, termites, fire, floods etc. After all the necessary procedures were performed during the Digitization Process in Sonipat, the next important step was to save the physical files packed in cartons. We were assigned two Record rooms, GRR and SK room to keep assembled land records on racks in warehouses.


Implementation of Document Management system assisted the court disputes. Legal documents are safe and accessible within a click of a button. Court hearings ("Adaalat ke sunavaee") are going smooth as land disputes are sorted, data is digitized and paper found its ideal place in well-protected Government Record Rooms. Data is retrieved timely without documentation delay.