A cloud-based ECM with unicode capability and shared workspaces

Structured document filing or access straight from the MS Office-what do you need?

Managing the document-heavy business processes has never been so easy. An electronic file management with Doxis4 SmartOffice helps to create, save, search and keep track of the changes with an annotation overview. Shared workspace for temporary project recording and an index-based retrieval mode makes it optimal document management software.

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Integration with MS office

Simple document filing and sharing via Doxis4 SmartOffice ensures standard filter options with an advanced document search for the archived files. Add-In enables integration into MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Access-based version management

Track changes and multi-user activity on the document; differentiate between the main and subsequent versions with a check-in/check-out mechanism.

Annotations for non-editable files

Add comments to your PDF and TIFF files during an edit, note hidden and delete options, track changes, grant access rights to a file that cannot be altered.

Power-packed with 5-star features:

Smart template management

Speedy document creation, avoid document pitfalls while you file a document to a specific folder or a pre-defined file type.

Information search from a remote location

Advanced index search and full-text search functionality facilitates a user with an audit-proof document access via mobile and web clients, irrespective of location and time.

Relationship service manager

Allow multiple users to work on the shared workspaces, record and manage a wide range of file structures, participants gets notified of new project additions or changes made to a file.

Different access rights for different jobs

Grant a separate access right to each individual at a folder and record level, control who can just view, edit or delete the document. Systematic logging keeps the data transparency and security as a top priority.

Multilingual, unicode-capability

Doxis4 is available in 12 languages which makes it an ideal document management system for an international project or a workforce operating in different languages.

Real-time data access and tracking

Staff gets access to the desired process information in a real-time across different department and geographies. Efficient collaboration within a defined business workflow is a lucrative of the DMS software.

Bridging workplaces across 22 locations and 12 languages

An audit-proof archival and revision-safe documentation is a chief requisite for an information management. Don’t just file in silos, integrate and share the data via single document management software. DMS, capturing, electronic archiving, collaboration, electronic records management, workflow and business process management, all in one Doxis4 iECM suit.

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Who deployed our DMS?

Trusted by the renowned brands, worldwide

Who deployed our DMS?

Trusted by the renowned brands, worldwide

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