Versatile and Viable Document Archival

Stuck in a predicament where and how to stock the vast volume of physical files in your office? If so, SoftAge is here to assist. We retain a safe archival of your valuable records in a 24-hour survelliance facility and thoroughly preserve the lifecycle of documents, for decades to come. We won't let the quality of your documents to degrade due to moisture and natural calamities like fire, flood and rodents.

Our Offsite Record Storage Facilities permits flexibility in file retrieval and prevent any sort of unauthorized access. Get rid of potential hiccups in business proceedings and retrieve even the decade- old physical files, the very last-minute? Gain control over your vital archives and comply with surety. With our sophisticated protection measures, rest assured, your data is in safe hands.

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Key Features 
Save Infrastructure Costs
Save Infrastructure Costs

Why to spend on extras like storing files in precious workspace? Damage-proof warehouse facilities permits security and flexibility in file access, as required.

Save your Productive time

Why to indulge your employees in file search, every day? Access digital data for departmental file sharing and retrieve physical files from Softage’s Warehouse facility.

Impermeable Security
Impermeable Security

Is data safe in your office premises? Protect your confidential information from intruders and potential damage from natural calamities. No more scary thoughts about data leakage or file misplacement.

Warehouse Facilities
Diverse Warehouse Facilities

Do you wish to store your historic files at warehouse facility near you? We have multiple storage spaces across the nation and worldwide. Receive the personal attention, you deserve. Avail Scalable Archival solution at economical prices.


I compliment and congratulate all of you for doing stupendous work in documentation management system processes. You are one of the market leaders in Indian market and are doing a fantastic job in the last few years.

Madhav Malhotra

Vice President, Vodafone India

For Document Management, Warehousing and KYC management

NextAge DigiDocx with SoftAge-Secure and Viable, every time.