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Document Management System

SoftAge offers one window solution in document management industry from document collection, verification, scanning, data entry, retrieval and document warehousing.. We custom-design the process for each client that we work with. The process is frame worked by SoftAge and evolves over time to increase efficiency, security and reduced costs. Our expertise lies in the ability to create such processes to handle gigantic number of documents.


2800+ Field Employees

3200+ Data Entry Operators

1.5 Billion+ Documents Processed

135TB+ Data Processed

Our Services

Document Collection

All organizations, generates a wide range of documents in various offices across geographies. Our document collection experts pick up all your documents directly from the retailer point or any other specified location across the nation.

  • 4030 document collection professionals across multiple locations
  • 1.2 billion documents collected till date
  • 73.4 million documents collected every year
  • 3 lakh documents are collected from 6782 distributor points daily
  • 600+ offices are placed strategically PAN India
document collection2
Document verification2
Document Verification

Customer details and the various business related documents need to be verified for consistency of information as well as authenticity, to comply with their regulatory obligations.

  • 600+ processing offices for fast and efficient document verification
  • 1.2 billion documents verified till date
  • Customized Verification Systems
  • Address verification, available across remotest parts of India
  • Our customized GPS enabled technology, confirms 100% visits
Document Processing

It is neither feasible nor efficient to have all organizational data only on paper. Documents need to be digitized, processed and made easily accessible.

  • Digitized over 135 Terabyte of documents till now
  • Sample Quality Check of all the processed data on daily basis
  • 580 processing offices for fast and efficient document processing
  • Customized Data Processing software
  • 84% data is verified &¬†processed within 2 hours of reaching our office
document process2
document scanning4
Document Scanning

Customer details and the various business related documents need to be verified for consistency of information as well as authenticity, to comply with their regulatory obligations.

  • Customized ICR and OCR techniques
  • Digitized over 135 Terabyte of documents till now
  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption to provide an extra layer of security
  • 600+ processing offices for fast and efficient image capturing
  • 750 Scanners and 4688 computers stationed across multiple locations
Document Storage

Businesses accumulate vast amounts of important documents, records and data over the years, and with strict laws and regulations in place, businesses need to ensure that they are not lost or misplaced.

  • Customized Software -Warehouse Management System
  • 2 billion documents stored in warehouse till date
  • Documents are kept in standard durable boxes
  • 450 CCTV installed for closed monitoring nationwide
  • 4,40,138 sq. feet of warehouse space spread across 22 warehouses
Document Storage2
Document Retrieval2
Document Retrieval

We understand that the organizations these days operate in a time-sensitive business environment. SoftAge have designed their systems in order to facilitate fast and easy document retrieval for you.

  • 1 million documents retrieved per month
  • 100% Retrieval Accuracy
  • Time saving and cost efficient solution
  • Physical copy delivered within 4hours upon request
  • Softcopy is retrieved & sent within 5 minutes upon request via email or fax

Managed With Loop

Loop allows us to efficiently manage our field employees, with real time job delegations and advanced monitoring. A mobile application tracks field employees and their locations and reports all field statuses in a reliable centralized fashion.

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Sanjoy Mukerji
MD, Diagno Labs

That was an adversity. SoftAge converted it into opportunity. Converting adversity into opportunity is something that all very successful companies always do. Always have to do. SoftAge has done it on multiple occasions.

Vivek Naidu
Vice President, Kodak Alaris

I really want to compliment the leadership of SoftAge that they have taken the risk and the enterprise to build their entire organization around DMS. SoftAge also shapes the mainstream business of the organizations they serve with DMS.

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