DMS with a full-text search functionality and enhanced data security

Data harmony in-line with the business velocity

How to organize and safeguard the valuable assets of your organization? Document management software is an automated version for the document creation and control. Ditch the clutter of paper files and digitize your data for a smoother business workflow management. Your business files hold a strategic value for both internal and external operations, financial transactions and audit purposes. Document management system secures your data; create a safe repository of your activity log and track the changes, as and when required.

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Role-based Access

Restrict the access to a digital file, by whom and when a document could be viewed?

Version Control

Saves a copy of a document before and after an edit is made by an authorized personnel or a typo error.

Audit Trail

User-centric document retention, a systematic log of activities performed within the DMS.

Power-packed with 5-star features:

  • Structured data access
  • Stringent document security
  • Workflow automation
  • Audit-proof document capture and control
  • Name-specific file retrieval during a name mismatch
  • Multi-level indexing for easy search
  • Control on user access and user quota
  • Fast and convenient data collaboration
  • Safe repository of the corporate data

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We help you gain a competitive edge in a fast-paced IT environment by deploying document management software into your system and curate a user-friendly framework to make it a success for your business.

  • Improved operational competency
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Minimal liability risks
  • Seamless documentation
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Who deployed our DMS?

Trusted by the renowned brands, worldwide

Who deployed our DMS?

Trusted by the renowned brands, worldwide

Ask yourself before investing in DMS Software

  • Has survival become a herculean task with technology drifts?
  • Does surge in the overhead costs multiplies, every quarter?
  • Do you quest to attain a winning edge over competitors?
  • Are you searching a contingent business continuity plan?

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