About SoftAge

SoftAge Information Technology Limited is one of the leading firms, providing solutions and services in document management , for you to focus on your core business. Central to all our work in document processing is SoftAge's unique document management process. It is a highly efficient process that operates on the document data flow right from the point-of-collection to the warehouse, including verification, audit, scanning, record creation, data and document retrieval. It is a custom-designed process for each client that we work with. The process is frame worked by SoftAge and evolves over time to increase efficiency, security and reduced costs. Our expertise lies in the ability to create such processes to handle gigantic number of documents. We have over 20 years of experience in creating and handling such processes.

What Our Clients Say

SoftAge is one company I can always rely on for the services they provide. They are also focused towards their clients.



We trust softage for document management services.

[Indian Airforce]


SoftAge is the company I can always rely on for the services they provide.